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My Lake Home Bed & breakfast - Squaw Lake, MN
5 stars by baby
"What a beautiful, unique, quiet and awesome place. Never been any place like it & don't think th..."
My Lake Home Bed & breakfast - Squaw Lake, MN
5 stars by opera
"You can't get this any place else! Everything about it is unique and creative. Beauty and peace..."
Doubletree Club Buffalo - Buffalo, NY
5 stars by kathya
"I had to stay here while a family member had surgery at Buffalo General Hospital. The employees ..."
Comfort Suites Ft Collins - Fort Collins, CO
4 stars by Steve A
"Another typical hotel. The staff was very nice and the hotel was very clean. Prices were very r..."
Hyatt Regency Columbus - Columbus, OH
3 stars by Steve A
"Another typical hotel. Decent rooms, clean, relatively fairly priced. Nothing special about it ..."
My Lake Home Bed & breakfast - Squaw Lake, MN
"What a place this is tucked away lakeside in the Chippewa National Forest. The Inn is actually r..."

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