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Restaurants in Columbus, OH

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Hyatt Regency Columbus
3 stars by Steve A
"Another typical hotel. Decent rooms, clean, relatively fairly priced. Nothing special about it ..."
Hilton Columbus at Easton
4 stars by Steve A
"I was at the Hilton Easton for two nights for a conference. Its a nice hotel, with a big bathroo..."
University Plaza Htl And Conf
3 stars by Steve A
"An average hotel. I was there for a conference and stayed one night in the hotel. There was not..."
The Lofts Hotel
3 stars by Steve A
"Its about $200 a night, plus $20 per night for valet parking. The rooms are in the style of a NY..."
Midwest Hotel and Conference Center
2 stars by Steve A
"Their was nothing particularly special about this hotel. The rooms seemed dingy and there were s..."
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